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【Sukiyaki】 All you can eat for men 6200 yen / women 5200 yen

【Sukiyaki】 All you can eat for men 6200 yen / women 5200 yen

5200 yen

Price ant by gender / age

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  • 2persons-
Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

We eat the highest ranked Kuroge Wagyu beef with secret breakdown!

Course menu

【All you can eat, 21 items in total】 * 90 minute system (30 minutes before LO)

■ Specialty Kuroge Wagyu beef

· Wagyu ribulose

· Japanese Wagyu Makura

· Wagyu beehive

Carefully selected

· Amakusa pork ribs


· Assorted vegetables (chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, shiitake mushroom, long leek, chrysanthemum, tofu)

· Chinese cabbage kimchi

· Kakuteki

· Cho Gegsalada

·Bean sprouts namul

· Santu

· Mixed Namulu

■ Dinner meal

· Japanese beef broiled sushi

·mixed rice


·White rice

· Tail cup

· Tail soup

Egg soup


· Matcha ice cream

· Choco Ice

· Mango Sorbet

※ It will be an additional order system after you first have the assortment.

[Male] 6200 yen, [Female] 5200 yen,

[Under junior high school student] 3000 yen, [Elementary school age under] 2000 yen, [3 years old or under] free

※ We have separately received consumption tax.

2018/10/29 update