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【Shabu-shabu】 Gunafu-jima course (16 items in total)

【Shabu-shabu】 Gunafu-jima course (16 items in total)

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Until 17 o'clock on the desired shopping day
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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2 people · · cooking only

Course menu

1 to 3) Today's three types first

· Baked eggplant with beef ham

· Red snapper carpaccio

· Smoked wagyu beef

※ The content may change depending on the season's purchase situation.

4 ~ 6) Assorted beef sashimi

· Wagyu beefcake

· Wagyu beef taki

· Wagyu Beef Sashimi

※ Chuo Ward authorized.A gem that can be handled only by limited stores.

7) "Wagyu Bee Hats" roasted salad

Wagyu Beef Hat roast special chef

It is a gem of grinning fresh cow bees with no smell and cooking with a salad.

8) Broiled sashimi of Japanese Wagyu Tatebara

Grab a popular Japanese beef broiled sushi and eat hot pot.The extreme of luxury.

9) Wagyu tongue (tan)

Exquisite tang shabu.Eat snappy with natural salt

10) Wagyu beef tongue

Shoulder loin marbling high-grade rare site

11) Wagyu beef rare today

12) Wagyu ribulose

A high-class rare site that was unknown.Part where you can enjoy the taste of meat with fine sashi

13) Wagyu beef sirloin

One of the best part of beef characterized by the richness that got the title of Sir

14) Fresh vegetable platter in season

Use fresh produce organic vegetables.

We mainly stock seasonal vegetables.

15) Chinese noodles of deed

16) Today's dessert

2018/10/29 update